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The time-tested combination of active substances for people with minimum physical activity. The product is also suitable for older people, vegetarians and vegans.

Under these conditions, the dose of 20 to 40 ml should be sufficient. NEOCARNITARGIN with GINSENG is also very usable for people affected by stress and high physical and mental strain.

    Liquid form of carnitine
    L-arginine, magnesium and L-glycine content
    Added magnesium contributes to the normal function of nervous system
    Enriched with vitamin B6 which contributes to the tiredness and exhaustion elimination and normal energetic metabolism
    Ginseng content
    Effective utilization by the organism

Recommended dosage: 2x daily 15 ml on an empty stomach. Use the first dose before breakfast and the second one before lunch or 30 minutes before the physical activity. It is possible to use one dose of 30 ml once a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. Maximum daily dosage is 3 x 15 ml. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Use: Intended for direct consumption or diluting the measuring cup content with water or sports drink. Shake before use. Possible sediment should not be deemed a fault. Milk and alcoholic beverages are not suitable for preparation. Once opened, store at temperature not exceeding 10 °C and use within 30 days. Browning is a natural characteristic of the product and should not be deemed a fault.

Informatii nutritionale Neocarnitargin With Ginseng:

Servire: 45ml   VNR%
Continut / Servire    
Valoarea energetica 34 kJ/8 kcal  
Carbohidrati 0g  
Lipide 0g  
Proteine 1.4g  
Sodiu 0g  
L-Carnitina 900mg  
L-Arginina 300mg  
Glycina 150mg  
Extract de Ginseng 117mg  
Vitamina B6 6mg 429%
Magneziu 37,5mg 10%



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